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6 Reasons Why We Need Comprehensive Cloud Strategy - zelecloud

6 Reasons Why We Need Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

Having a consolidated cloud strategy is essential, and every company must overlook it to experience flawless operations. Companies with existing cloud implementation need to create and fine-tune a comprehensive cloud strategy that helps organizations achieve effective results. In this article, let us explore why having an accomplished cloud strategy is critical to your enterprise. …

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b2b marketing automation-zelecloud

B2B Marketing Automation

B2B MARKETING AUTOMATION Marketing automation, the talk of the B-Town, is the terminology used to refer to software platforms and technologies developed with the goal of empowering businesses to market themselves in the most effective manner. As a subset of customer relationship management (CRM) or customer experience management (CXM), Marketing Automation focuses on the definition,…

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Benefits of Devescops

Benefits of DevSecOps DevOps is more than an approach for organizations to manage both development and operations teams. The individual prioritization of the operations and development process would impact the regular functioning of the application during the process. The DevOps approach has been seamless and implemented upgraded efficiency and management. DevOps methodology allowed developers to better…

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